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Payday Loans

We are well placed in SLM Isuzu (Norwich) to serve payday loan online across the region, payday loan online aim to make it simple for you to get in cash advance touch with our experts.

Call or visit us and we will be happy to help meet your motoring requirements. You can also submit an enquiry online via the contact page and we will respond as soon as we can.

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Latest offers We payday loan online our latest offers on a regular basis to make sure we offer you the best value for money. Business users If you currently run a local business, manage a fleet on behalf of a local business or have the option of a company provided car, Dingles are here to help. Aftersales SLM offer a full range of Aftersales facilities.

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Base Single Cab fr. Westaway are the sole Isuzu Dealers In Northamptonshire. We supply new and used vehicles, as well as a full after sales service. Over the years, our investment in staff, facilities and equipment has had huge benefits, the most important of which has been a motivated and knowledgeable workforce that always has the needs of our customers as their first priority.

Our sales department headed by Trevor Burfield has extensive knowledge about the fantastic range of new and used Isuzu vehicles. All new Isuzu vehicles now come with a standard 5 years or 125,000 mile guarantee for complete peace of mind.

Together with some outstanding finance packages there really has never been a more affordable time to purchase the best pick-up on the market today. When your Isuzu needs to be maintained or repaired our After sales department run by Gary Cygan will payday loan online good care of you.

WE are conditioned to think that bigger is best. There are exceptions, of course - Lionel Messi isn't a big lad - and while no-one wants to pay a big tax bill we would all like a bigger pay packet.

You don't really want the 1. And you would rather find a brawny 3. There ain't no substitute for cubic inches, as they say in the United States. Your engine's capacity might be smaller than before, but thanks to the latest turbochargers, fuel injectors and whatever goes on inside computer chips, it will also be more powerful, torquier, less polluting and use less fuel. Ford, for example, will today sell you a Fiesta with a 1. The engine block is small enough to fit on a piece of A4 paper. Yet it produces as much as 138bhp - a power output far in excess of what any 1.

So now that less is more, it was only a matter of time before the commercial vehicle world joined in. Sure, there are improvements all round - it can carry more, for example - but the really eye-catching figure is a drop in engine capacity from 2. The power output is essentially the same as before - the new D-Max's 162bhp plays against its predecessor's 161bhp - but the on-paper torque figure is lower, falling from 295lb.

When it comes to pulling a trailer or lugging heavy loads - core pick-up duties, in other words - torque is more relevant than outright power. Torque is the brawn, the muscle, that gives an engine its pulling power. When allied to a strong chassis and a properly set-up gearbox and transmission, it is the torque that means a good pick-up can pull a 3. It uses its torque more efficiently, to greater effect than before, in other words, so what at first appears to be a backward move is in fact a step forward.

In other good news, the D-Max meets the latest 'Euro 6' emissions standard without the need to pour AdBlue into a tank every few thousand miles, as rival pick-ups require.

This reduces running costs and operating time lost - important factors for the sort of fleets, farmers and commercial users who rely on a pick-up like the D-Max. It is an easy vehicle to drive - the controls are light - and the height of the cab makes it simple to place on the road while affording a better view than even a 'proper' SUVThe new engine's fuel economy on the EU combined cycle is up to 23 per cent better than the outgoing D-Max, with similar improvements for carbon dioxide emissions.

Five years' roadside rescue and recovery with European cover is also included. There may now be only one engine choice for the D-Max, but you can choose between a six-speed manual or a six-speed automatic gearbox. One rear-wheel-drive-only version is available - it is the most basic model, in Utility single cab specification - but all other models are four-wheel-drive. This is the latest version of Isuzu's 'shift on the fly' 4x4 system, which allows the driver to select four-wheel-drive while on the move, rather than having to stop to perform the operation.

The four-wheel-drive versions get low-range gears, all the better to pull trailers and full load-beds up steep and slippery slopes. The nice people from Isuzu had roped in some other nice people - from Todds Leap, the outdoor activities centre near Ballygawley - to help demonstrate just how effective the new downsized D-Max is when the going gets rough.

On a slippery off-road course which featured slopes a goat might struggle to climb, never mind a human, the D-Max worked flawlessly. While no pick-up is ever going to be as quiet as a family car, the D-Max's relative refinement stood out. That new engine is definitely less boisterous than the old one. It is an easy vehicle to drive - the controls are light - and the height of the cab makes it simple to place on the road while affording a better view than even a 'proper' SUV like a Land Rover Discovery.

The rear-end of an unladen pick-up can be a wayward beast, so it is also worth mentioning that the D-Max's tail felt better 'nailed down' than any other similar pick-up I've driven. The roofline has been altered to aid aerodynamics and the tailgate has been reshaped with a spoiler design moulded into the top section.

Muscular front wings and flared wheel arches help give the D-Max a tough look, but it looks mostly like the older car. Inside, however, there has been a big step up in quality, both in materials and fit. Everything is robust, with the main controls feeling like they could be operated while wearing gloves, but the slicker dashboard and central display screen help give the Isuzu a more car-like ambience.

On a slippery off-road course which featured slopes a goat might struggle to climb, never mind a human, the D-Max worked flawlesslySpecification levels are high, too. Extended cab versions also have storage under the seats. Safety equipment includes six airbags, anti-lock brakes, traction control and an electronic brakeforce distribution system. And to really set your D-Max apart, you can opt for 'Raptor' paint, which makes whatever surface it is applied to feel virtually indestructible.

The finish is ideal for high-wear areas like the load bed, but it also makes for an interesting alternative to normal paint.

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