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How To Ensure Adequate Compensation After An Auto Accident

How To Ensure Adequate Compensation After An Auto Accident

There's no avoiding the fact that no matter how careful a driver is there's always the possibility that he or she may get into an accident. Careful driving can only get drivers so far, as they have no control over other drivers on the road. The best solution is to take out a comprehensive insurance policy and do some investigating into what steps must be taken after an accident occurs.

Personal Insurance Protection

Personal insurance protection, also known as PIP, is a form of extended coverage that covers medical expenses in the event of an accident. In many cases, this form of insurance also covers lost wages and unlike regular comprehensive auto insurance it pays out regardless of who is deemed legally at fault. Any person who carries PIP insurance can receive maximum benefits, including coverage of expenses like transportation to medical appointments and property damage, even if he or she is determined to be legally at fault.

Filing a Claim Early

Whether accident victims are filing claims through insurance companies or the courts, it's essential to find a qualified Injury Attorney as early on as possible. Each state has different time limits when it comes to filing suit; these time limits are known legally as statutes of limitation. Those who attempt to file suit after this timing window has expired risk dismissal, so find out more about Craig Swapp and Associates and how they can help today.

Comparative Fault

Many accident victims erroneously believe that they will not be able to file claims if they are deemed to be partially at fault for the accident. However, many states, including Washington, take an approach known as "pure comparative negligence." This approach allows drivers who are deemed partially at fault to receive a settlement that will be reduced according to the percentage of fault attributed to them.

Damage Caps

Some states limit the amount of compensation that accident victims can be awarded for certain types of injuries. However, other states have no damage caps, so it's important to ask a lawyer about local statutes. Check out some attorney lawyer to find out what other clients thought about their services and legal advice.

Find a Qualified Attorney

Finding the right attorney is essential to ensuring the best possible outcome. Check out some Craig Swapp Reviews online to find why so many clients choose to entrust his law office with handling their personal injury cases. Plenty of lawyers offer their services to clients looking to file suit after a personal injury, but not all of them have extensive experience dedicated to this field of practice, so be sure to choose one who does.

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