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Adventures and unique species
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The Guest is God The culture of treating the guest as God is a part of the elegant and dignified culture of India. Kerala is a small state where the three major religions Hindu, Muslim and Christian live in harmony is and integration The realization of this union and alliance is the fruition of the culture of treating the guest as god We have assimilated the admirable side of all the colonial cultures and has been able to build up a glorious and lofty culture that itself provided a fertilized field for all the visitors to be delighted in the beauty and culture of the Gods Own Country, Kerala.

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Kozhikode or Calicut has great historical importance. The great explorer Vasco-Da-Gama landed here in 1498 AD.

This city was once the capital of the great Zamorins. The district is gifted with natural wonders and artificial splendours. The museum and art Gallery here is a treasure of antique furniture and objects. The importance given to science, engineering and technology is apparent from the 'Regional Science Centre'. The beach resorts attract both the locals and the visitors. It is an industrially developed district. It is well-known for timber industry.


It is located at east hill, 5 kms. from Kozhikode. The museum includes copies of ancient mural paintings, stone umbrellas, antique bronzes, temple models and awesome pictures of a glorious past.


This place about 10km South of Kozhikode, at Chaliyar river mouth was an important harbour of the olden times. The 'Uru' or the 'Arabian Trading Vessel' here is one of the by-products of a 1500 years old tradition.Kozhikode Beach It is a pleasure to watch the Sunset from here. The old lighthouse and the two piers leaping into the sea each of which is over a hundred years old, the lions park for kids adn the marine aquarium for the kids and the grown ups alike, all add to the pleasure.


The beautiful bridge if steel built by the British here, stood the weather. this was once an important trading centre of Timber.


This place, 16 km from Kozhikode, commands a place in the pages of history as it is here that the great explorer Vasco-Da-Gama set foot on Indian soil along with 170 assistants in three vessels on the 27th of May, 1498. The local name of the rocky beach is Kappakadavu. The temple on a rock which protrudes into the sea, is believed to have been built about 800 years ago.
Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary
Exotic species of birds make their homes, between November and April at this river - mouth region

The massive rock here forbade the portugese invaders as it offered the ideal footage to the Marrakas to counter attack the intrudes. Once, the entire crew of a Portugese warship was annihilated here. The rock with natural engraving is a real excitement.


This is also a beautiful beach, a favourite haunt of solitude seekers, near Velliyamkallu. This is the native place of Indias 'Payyoli Express' ie. the famous athlet Smt.P. T. Usha

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We give what we offer. We don’t offer good and better, but the best.